United Christian Church & Academy



United Untied  is a skilled group of young people who share the Gospel message in a unique and powerful way. Our team has been invited to minister at many different churches in our community, and through out the USA. We offer human video, (which is a story told through music and acting), and spoken drama. Our team has many topics and situations they can portray. We believe that using the arts is a wonderful way to show the same powerful messages, in a new and unique way! 

Youth Conventions, Services, Outreaches, Special Events, ect.                                  Our Team can be booked (if available) for your event. 


         "same powerful message, in a new and unique way."                      

United Untied was featured in Christian rap artist Poetic Lace's  music video         "Clap It Up"


Pictures from music video

     "They   shall mount up with wings as eagles..." Isaiah  40:31