United Christian Ministries  

 Macclenny, Florida  



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          BC MA Baker County Ministers Association    

For 10 years the BCMA has provided a helping hand to our Community. Feeding 10% of Baker County through our Food Ministry and GIVEN over Four Million pounds of food to our Baker Family. We also help with Hotel, and Gas vouchers.

Principle Founder - Mitch Rhoden

                     Bringing unity between Pastors of Different denominations                                                                                                       with the goal of helping our community 

                  WORLD  MISSIONS                                      

                                                                                  "Go into ALL the world, and teach the Gospel"

 United Christian has a heart for reaching the lost in our community, and through out our  world. As a Ministry and Family we have made numerous Missions Trips around the World. 

 Having been to Guyana, and the Philippines which we go to once a year, we have experienced Powerful services, camp meetings, and Revivals! Pastor Mitch has preached to crowds of Hundreds and thousands over sea's. Missions is Truly a Passion! 

           New doors open every year for United Ministries to Travel around the globe. 



             Drama Team   

United Untied is a skilled group of young people who share the Gospel message in a unique, and powerful way. Our team has been invited to minister at many different churches in our community, and through out the USA. offering human video, (which is a story told through music and acting) and spoken drama. our team has many topics, and situations they can portray. we believe that using the arts is a wonderful way to show the same powerful messages, in a new, unique way! 

Youth Conventions, Services, Outreaches, Special Events...                                                            Our Team can be booked (if available) for your event. 

                                   "...same powerful message, in a new and unique way" 






                                                   If God is in it...it will work