Macclenny, FL 


 Pastor Mitch and Sandra Rhoden from the time they were married have always been involved in some sort of ministry. For many years they were in training under Pastors, and Brother Hall, the founder of United Christian Ministerial Association; always feeling that they were being groomed for their own ministry.

The Academy opened in August 1998 with five students, by the end of the year it had twenty four. Our Academy is not only an academic  school, but also a ministry. Many of our students have come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. Praise the Lord!


In 2001, the Lord put a burden on Pastor Mitch's heart to begin a Ministers Association for our county, to unite the Pastors of Baker County for a common goal - to serve our community together. It was a God idea. God has performed miracle, after miracle. Early 2002 , the Lord placed another idea into Pastor's Spirit, to begin a food distribution center for the needy in our community. Again he talked to the local Pastors and said, "Let us put our resources together so we can help our community in a greater way." That is exactly what happened.

 With every box of food handed out, a Gospel track sits  inside. Not only are people being fed naturally, but Spiritually!     


United Christian Ministries,

is reaching more people then ever!

Praise be to God 


              "They shall mount up with wings as eagles..." -Isaiah 40:31